Please find all our lots from our last Railwayana Auction that was held on January 2015 below.

Lot No.ImageDescriptionPrice
1 Boundary Post – “Great Central & Midland Joint Railway” 2ft high, cast iron in a triangular shape being 6” x 7” three sided, this post was retrieved from Brabyns Park, Marple, Cheshire ex lineside condition (RARE)£260
Totem – Windermere BR(M) H.F. Ex Kendal and Windermere Railway opened 1847 the terminus of this branch line, this station is a shadow of its former self, being cut down to one platform, formerly 4 platforms with a train shed. In excellent condition, good shine.£1150
Rhymney Railway 12” drop dial clock, fusee movement, in excellent condition, complete with key and pendulum, full working order, face written “Rhymney Railway Co”, 16. M Marks & Co. The line only consisted of approx 61 miles, built for the heavy coal & iron industries in and around the valley. A superb clock, not to be missed.£1550
Route Indicator – ex Cheshire Lines M/C Goods Cornbrook up line, Ivorine Labelled Trafford Park Junction. This instrument is engraved on the roof C.L.C. The face plate is enamel and written, Cheshire Lines inside a swag. A Superb instrument, very rare, excellent condition.£700
Handlamp, Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway, 3 aspect embossed Oxford Rd No 10833 L.N.E.- D Type on Drum, good ex service condition, complete with vessel & burner & all glasses.£520
Smokebox numberplate, ex LMS No. 59, cast iron, totally ex loco, front & back. Old white paint, many layers, ex Fowler 2-6-2 Tank, built Derby 1932 works number 079, original running number 15559, renumbered 59 in 1934, classified LMS 3P, BR 3MT, Built Derby, 70 in class. No. 59 was allocated to 26F Lees Oldham in 1948 withdrawn 1959 from Heaton Mersey 13C, cut up Central Wagon Co. Wigan 1961. Some of these locos banked Shap. 5 3/4” x 11 1/4”£280
Shedplate 9B Stockport Edgeley 1948-1968 L.N.W.R. depot opened in 1875, closed in 1968 with an allocation of over 50 locos at its peak. 4 x Jubilees and 2 Brits resided here in the 60’s. 45596, 45670, 45678, 70026, 70044, ex loco condition. £310
A station fingerboard – Ossett, Dewsbury, Batley, Morley, Laisterdyke, Bradford Exchange, double sided with pointing hand dimensions – 42” x 5” in very good condition both sides.£165
Brass door plate, Davies & Metcalf Ltd Engineers Registered Office, measures 16” x 10”. Railway engineers at Romiley, Stockport, inventors of the exhaust steam injector also builders of the first two, Vale of Rheidol Locos, but known mainly for their quality injectors, brake systems, valves etc. Used by companies all around the world. A very nice historic item, rescued from the scrap bin when the company was being refurbished. Plate produced by Thomas Webb & Co. Stockport, this is stamped in the bottom edge. In superb condition.£110
Headboard “The Master Cutler” 33” x 16” with shields, London & Sheffield, constructed of heavy resin as class 40 name plates, with heavy steel bracket, these boards were carried by class EE Type 4 which took over this train in the late 50’s, fine original condition, (Find me Another) fine original condition.£1500
Engraved worksplate from Peppercorn A1 Pacific Loco 60158 “Aberdonian” works no 2052, built Doncaster 1949. Excellent condition, stamped on the rear 158, lightly restored front, ex loco back. 60158 was allocated to 34A Top Shed Kings X in 1948 later Doncaster Carr 36A from where this engine was withdrawn in 1964 to be cut up at Hughes Bolckows Blyth 1965.£1000
Handlamp L & Y 3 aspect slatted glasses, original vessel, B.R. LMS burner, original reflector, vessel stamped twice “L& Y Railway”, body stamped “Castleton P2555”, top catch stamped “0735” restored condition, a superb lamp£220
Signal Finial Midland Railway perhaps – S&D in ex post condition, complete no damage.28” high.£50
Carriage-print, Travel series by Hamilton Ellis, "The West Lancashire Railway", framed & glazed – very good condition.£40
BR(M) doorplate “Waiting Room” F.F. Good shine, no chips – very good condition 18” x 6”£215
Signal lamp, L.M.S brass plated. This lamp is complete with all its fittings. In very good condition.£50
Shedplate 32E Yarmouth Vauxhall ex G.E.R depot, in 1948 its allocation was one loco No 65558 J17 lass, later F2 class 67109 2-4-2 tank & tram loco 68223 lass J70 A rare plate (Restored).£340
Air horns from a diesel loco with valve release and pipe work, ready to fit to your loco. Measurements – large horn 17 1/2” long, small horn 14” long, all in brass – Excellent Condition.£75
Humidor cigar box in the form of a Railway Coal Wagon branded G.W.R on the plank sides, well made, in excellent condition, comes with interior for your cigars, also lock & key. 12” over buffers 6” wide, 6 1/2” high.£Sold
Bridgeplate GN & GE No.13, oval, cast-iron, good ex bridge back, front restored, ready for your house.£90
Dolly lamp interior, Cheshire Lines, original burner, copper chimney, embossed “CL” on rear. Brass plated “The Lamp Manufacturing Co. Ltd, London. Welch Patent” – nice little lamp. Fully complete and in very good condition.£140
Totem - “Mortlake” F.F. (S) Excellent condition, very good shine, no chips or marks. The finish of the boat race, the station opened in 1846 ex Richmond Railway becoming part of the busiest railways in this country. Absorbed by L.S.W. Railway.£300
Seat back, Hitchin, ex GNR, measures 25 1/2” x 4”. Hitchen is on the E.C.M.L 31 3/4” miles out of Kings Cross. Hitchin station was opened by the Great Northern Railway in 1850. In excellent station condition. £530
A first edition book ‘Life of Trevithick Inventor of the Locomotive Engine. This book is quite sought after. It has had some repair but it is complete and tightly bound “NOT COMMON”£95
Nameplate ex Voyager No, 007 – “Brighton Belle”, this plate is stamped VV007L denoting it as a spare plate and not carried, superb condition 40” x 11”.£260
Ex LMS, A Double sided carriage board 27 3/4” x 3 3/4” in white with black letters. Legend on 1st side Rugeley 2nd side Walsall in good condition.£40
L.M.S Stamped Look Out’s Horn in brass, very good condition, small type.No Sale
28 Shedplate, 62B Dundee Tay Bridge, ex North British Rly depot opened in 1875, closed 1967. 13 locos allocated in 1948, 8 x V2’s, 3 x B1’s. 1 x J39 and P2/2 Gresley Thompson 60505. “Thane Of Fife”. Rusty ex loco.£100
29 G.N & G.E cast iron “Beware of Trains” sign 21 “ x 12 1/2”, Restored face only.£120
Works numberplate “London & North Eastern Railway 63421 Armstrong Whitworth Co. 1919”. Original number 3421 ground off (as was the railway practice, our brass over strip provided “63421”. A member of the NER T2 Class, later LNER Q6 class freight loco. Designed by Vincent Raven for heavy mineral traffic, 120 constructed between 1913-1921. 63421 was allocated in 1948 to 51C Hartlepool, withdrawn from there June 1966, cut up at Hughes Bolckows. Oval. 9” x 5”, cast iron.£220
Shedplate 88H Tondu 1961-1964 previously 86F 1948-1961 ex G.W.R. depot with 51 locos in 1948, closed in 1964 (Restored)No Sale
Handlamp - Highland Railway 3 aspect, large size glasses damaged but does not detract, lens ok, brass plated H/L A+1 sec 3 body stamped “H/R” copper reducing cone, very good condition restored. A+1 sec 3 is Aberdeen Inverness – super lampNo Sale
Pullman chair – ex steam stock, this is denoted by the stepped out front legs, in original condition, in need of re-upholstering, this chair also has the silver screw studs on the top of the back rest for the antimacassar, these chairs are really comfortable, just the job for your railway room.£210
Shedplate 64C Dalry Road 1950-1965 ex Caledonian Railway Dept, Allocation 50 locos in the 50’s including 3 x 3 CYL compounds, LMS Tanks and 30 ex Caledonian Loco’s£120
Tender-plate, brass – 3163 LNER 5 1/4” x 3”.£40
4 x matching G.W.R silver-plated sundae dishes, 3” diameter, 2 3/4” high engraved “G.W.R” Made by Elkington. Good used condition.£105
Original works photo, Remembrance 4-6-4 Tank No.333 designed by L.B. Billington for the London Brighton & South Coast Railway, these locos were known as Brighton Baltic’s, this loco was the last loco built by this company 1922. Framed & glazed 22” x 18”£40
Coat of Arms “Taff Vale Railway” framed and mounted on board, glazed, the frame is made of mahogany and is circular 23 1/2” diameter in excellent condition, never been tampered with, total original, came from the offices at Queens Street, Cardiff, this is the 12 1/2” wide 15 2/4” high transfer used on the loco’s 1840-1922.£90
Carriage- print, “St Pancras” by Buckle, L.M.R(BR) Architecture Series, original type frame. Very good condition.£50
Enamel sign, “London Midland & Scottish Railway Company” – Warning – Persons are warned not to trespass upon the companies railway or other property, any person found so doing, will be prosecuted by order”, 22” x 18” good condition for its age.£50
Doorplate B.R(W) F.F. Excellent Condition “Station Master” 18” x 6”, very good condition. - LOT WITHDRAWN FROM AUCTIONNo Sale
BR double arrow emblem, aluminium, ex loco back, cleaned, lightly polished face.£80
Great Central cast iron “Beware of Trains”, restored face only with scalloped corners 22” x 14 1/2”. £60
Totem – “High Street” SCR. F.F. in excellent condition, one small chip in top panel, super colour and shine, this station opened in 1866 named College, replacing an earlier station by the North British Railway it became High Street in 1914.£350
M.R & Co Telegraph instrument branded 3 times M.R & Co. in good ex signal box condition.£130
Shedplate 5A Crewe North ex LNWR Depot, home to dozens of top link locos in its time Scots, Patriots, Jubilees, Princess Coronation, Britannias & Princess Royals, not forgetting the Duke. An iconic place in any spotters memory – restored face.£100
47Smokebox No. plate 41293£400
Works numberplate “London & North Eastern Railway 5267 Cowlairs 1892”. Oval cast brass, 9” x 5”, restored front & back. A member of the N.B.R class C later LNER J36 class. Built by and for the North British Railway designed by M Holmes for freight workings. A number of these engines worked in France during the 1st world war and gained names, 25 in all. Total class built 168, allocation No 65267 withdrawn in 1962. Picture to accompany this lot, allocated to St Margaret’s later Bathgate until withdrawal in 1966, cut up Arnott Young in 1966.£380
Handlamp - LNER 3 aspect with pie crust top location plate LNER in full scripts, Newark, LNER embossed to body horizontally , all glasses with BR vessel, BR burner & reflector, complete – very good condition.£90
Nameplate – Sunstar ex A1-A3 Pacific, built by North British for the LNER, works No. 23109, to traffic 30/9/24, running number 2571, allocated to Gateshead, rebuilt to A3 at Doncaster and to traffic 12/7/41, allocation, Gateshead, Heaton. Tweedmouth, Copley Hill, Holbeck, Heaton. Renumbered No. 72 27/7/46. E72 5/3/48, 60072 19/8/48, condemned 23/10/62, cut up 22/5/63 Doncaster Plant. Sunstar was one of the A3’s drafted to the Leeds area to haul the heavier trains over the S&C route during 1960-1961. Sunstar was named after the 1911 2000 Guineas & Derby winner. The plate is 56” long, lightly restored face and ex loco back, an excellent opportunity to own a classic winner. A true Gresley thoroughbred The splasher is for display only and is not offered for sale. We can assist in this department.£14000
B.R - Poster – “On Early Shift” by Terence Cuneo, A quad royal poster, this famous image of the signal man on an early shift in greenwood box, at New Barnet with a fast approaching express, hauled by No.21 Wild Swan, date 1948 as is the artwork. Superb image, a must for the LNER collector, this poster is backed on linen and is in perfect condition.£1850
Poster – double royal – “York Shambles” B.R in excellent condition, rolled, depicting the Shambles shops and busy shoppers.£95
Poster – double royal – “Penzance” – G.W.R framed but not stuck down, very good condition, no nicks or tears£350
Poster – Artist impression of the new electric loco – hauled train passing the new Wilmslow signal box, framed and glazed, not stuck down. Very good condition.£140
B.R. Poster – double royal “Somerset” , travel by rail, very good condition, folded.£110
B.R. Poster – double royal “Northumberland Coast” travel by rail, showing seabirds on the saltings, very good condition. Folded.No Sale
B.R. Poster – quad royal. “Clapham Junction” by Cuneo. A superb image, framed & glazed, not stuck down, very good condition.£220
B.R. Poster – double royal. “The Gain Train”, sleep the night and gain a day, girl asleep on the face of an alarm clock. Very good condition, folded. £10
Poster – double royal. “Harwich Hook Route” depicts a ferry boat – very good condition, folded.£40
Poster – double royal. “Savers” depicts an H.S.T – very good condition, folded.£20
Poster – double royal “Feel Alive Alive – O” – very good condition, folded.£10
Poster – double royal “Door to Door – Heysham-Belfast” very good condition, folded.£80
B.R. Poster – quad royal “London Rail System Map” very good condition, folded.£10
B.R. Poster – quad royal “GPO Journey of a Letter” very good condition, folded.£85
B.R. Poster – quad royal “GPO Spot What’s Wrong” very good condition, folded.£50
B.R. Poster – double royal. “Leamington Spa” – very good condition, folded.£50
Poster – quad royal “Somerset & Dorset Railway Timetable Sept 25th 1939”, in excellent condition, £50
Poster – double royal “See A Friend” Intercity, 60’s girl “Monica” in mini dress, very good condition, folded. £85
B.R. Poster - double Royal “Wells Cathedral”, Travel by Train – very good condition, folded.
B.R. Poster - double royal “The Cambrian Coast, See Britain in Comfort” – very good condition, folded.£100
Poster - double royal, “Guernsey” by British Railways, very good condition, folded.£110
B.R. Poster - double royal, “Danish State Railway”, The link between art deco style image of large river bridge with steam train crossing, good condition, rolled.£140
B.R Poster - double royal “Pitlochry” – very good condition, folded£130
B.R Poster – double royal “Historic Bath” depicts a roman bust - very good condition, folded.£75
B.R Poster - double royal, “The Peak District of Derbyshire” – very good condition, folded.£85
B.R Poster - double royal, “The Shakespeare Country” – very good condition, folded.No Sale
Poster - double royal, “Danish State Railway, Le Pont Du Storstroem”, image of large river bridge with train crossing, a moody image, good condition, rolled.£140
B.R Poster - double royal, “Day Trip to Edinburgh”, 1966 very colourful, very good condition, folded.£28
Poster – “Opening of the Bristol & Gloucester Railway 1844”, original on board 20” x 15” framed, very good condition.£40
B.R Poster – double royal “ See a friend this weekend” Western Weekenders Intercity, depicts girl in mini dress, good condition, folded.£25
B.R Poster – double royal “Portstewart” depicts harbour & golf course, very good condition, folded. £20
B.R. Poster – double royal “Electric Train Departure” – Watford Junction, very good condition, folded.£26
B.R Poster – double royal “Station Closures” Manchester Central Route to Derby” very good condition, folded.£80
B.R. Poster – quad royal “Train Departures” Manchester London Road 1959, very good condition, folded.£32
Handlamp, LMS – complete with vessel burner, all glasses, cast iron construction, wartime. Very good condition.£45
Ex Isle of Wight Railway. A Double sided carriage board 20” x 2 1/4” in black with white letters. Legend 1st side Cowes – 2nd side Ryde from the Isle of Wight Railway in good order, little wear to W & E on Cowes.£550
A Smokebox-numberplate. 4677 restored condition, ex class 5700 0-6-0 pannier tank built Swindon 1944 allocated to Ebbw Junction, Cardiff Canton, finally Neath, withdrawn 1963, broken up at Swindon that year.£280
Signalbox diagram 49” x 19” Glazed & Framed “Heaton Mersey Station Junction” dated September 1936 in good condition, local interest.£240
Clock MS&L 12” Round head fusee wall clock in excellent condition, complete with pendulum and key in full working order.£1300
A Coat of Arms – “Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway Co.” 16” x 16” in excellent condition.£40
Hydrant plate cast iron 18 1/2” x 13” L.N.W.R in very good order.£30
Loco whistle ex L.M.S. Hughes 2-6-0 Mogul (Crab) in well used condition, stands 8” high on wooden stand, nice example.£350
Carriage-print, “Hampshire Coast” by Langhammer, Southern Region (BR) Series C, original type frame.£65
Doorplate B.R.(E) enamel “Ticket Office”, good shine, hole chips, overall good condition, 18”x6”.£100
Russian Emblem 14” x 10” in ex loco condition.£450
Shedplate 61A Kittybrewster, ex Great North of Scotland depot, allocation in 1948, totaled 103 locos – ex loco condition.£850
Handlamp – LNER 3 aspect lamp, pie crust flip top, all glasses complete. BR(E) vessel BR (E) & NER burner. LNER full script location plate “Marylebone Pol Dept” (police department) very good condition.£140
Worksplate Vulcan Foundry No 5539 of 1947. Brass, cleaned front and back, very good order 9” x 5” ex 61181 B1 mixed traffic loco. To traffic 07/47, withdrawn 11/63, allocations included 41A Darnall/31B March£320
Totem “Duke Street” (S.C.) F.F in very good order, has small repair to the S does not detract. A station on the City of Glasgow Union Railway opened in 1881. Still open today.£260
A Nameplate “Anson” ex L.M.S. Jubilee 45592, built Crewe 1935 Lot No. 121, to traffic December 1935 named Anson after the R.N. Admiral George Anson 1st Baron Anson Admiral of the Fleet. Allocations 1950 Camden until 1957 then various sheds including, Bushbury, Carlisle, Upperby & Kingmoor, Willesden Rugby & Crewe till Feb 1964, cut up Wards, Sheffield the same year. Excellent ex loco back, with one punch mark denoting left hand side, face lightly polished, a superb jubilee nameplate 28 1/2” in length.£7100
Barman’s serving tray in silver-plate by Elkington with house flag to the centre, 10” dia, with edge stars at 3 1/2” centres. Base stamped White Star – excellent condition.No Sale
A silver-plated circular serving tureen by Elkington, base marked “White Star” 7 1/4” dia, Lovely condition.£220
Napkin ring marked with an X above numbers 33, beaded edge to rims, marked with the White Star House Flag by Elkington, very good condition.£75
Napkin ring marked with number 2320 The White Star House Flag and has a plain rolled edge by Elkington, very good condition.£75
Napkin ring marked with number 102 The White Star House Flag and has a rope design to the rolled edge by Elkington, very good condition.£75
Napkin ring by Elkington, marked with the number 46. The White Star House Flag with plain rolled edge. Very good condition.£75
A chocolate pot with its White Star House Flag marked underside with White Star Line RMS Majestic 1936, 5 1/2” high, no dings or scratches, perfect, mint condition by Elkington.£380
White Star Line small gravy boat by Elkington. Dated 1915 letter D, house flag clearly displayed on the side, base reads White Star Line Elkington Plate, excellent condition.£150
White Star glass menu holder, solid sphere of glass with brass fitting to top for holding menu, probably silver-plated when new, no chips, perfect condition. 2 1/2” dia, 3 1/2” high, house flag displayed on the side very crisp, includes menu from RMS Teutonic original.£420
White Star ice bucket by Elkington, base reads “Elkington White Star Line 26724”, house flag displayed on side, very good condition, 5” x 5” folding handle.£320
White Star Line fruit knife & fork, displayed on the knife blade is “Elkington Silversmiths & Cutlers” House Flag on both handles, in excellent condition. Fork 6”, Knife 6” Long.£80
White Star triangular napkin ring with house badge on one side, enamel device with lifebelt and star on red ground, legend on swag RMS Olympic, superb item.£220
White Star Line Stuart crystal bell shaped decanter, very ornate, cut glass with sunburst base, house flag clearly on side. A superb item 9” high 5” dia at base.£450
White Star line small jug, reputedly from the R.M.S. Olympic as this pattern was only used on this liner, clearly marked White Star Line in green on the base, by Stonier, Liverpool, very good condition.£300
White Star Line cream jug with filled in handle, bell shaped, clearly displaying house flag with legend written on swag. White Star Line Wisteria pattern, turquoise & brown, by Stonier & Co, Liverpool, reg no. on base 17214 & road no. 324028. Very good condition. £280
White Star Line china soup bowl, clearly has the house flag in the centre of the bowl. This bowl would be from 3rd class service. 9 1/2” dia, very good condition.No Sale
White Star Line 5” saucer , Bradford pattern in green, with OSNC devise to the centre, border & swags round the outer part of saucer, base reads White Star Line Stonier, Liverpool. Very Good Condition.£100
White Star Line, blue flower pattern, oblong asparagus dish, house flag to the centre in red & brown, by Stonier & Co Ltd, Liverpool, also stamped in 1914 635317 8 1/4” x 4 1/2”, excellent condition.£420
White Star Line large saucer with house flag & ribbon to centre, gold edge to rim 7 5/8” dia, by Bridgwood, mark on base in green with anchor. Very good condition.No Sale
A White Star ashtray in brown bakelite White Star Line displayed on the outer cigarette rest, rear omnite ware 522 Fraser & Glass London N8 British made 6” dia, excellent condition.£42
White Star Line dessert plate, gothic pattern, turquoise & brown border with house flag & ribbon to centre 9” dia, base read Rd No. 117214, Rd No. 324025, Stonier & Co. Ltd, Liverpool, excellent condition.£300
White Star Line tea cup in Wisteria pattern, turquoise & brown, house flag to front with ribbon, White Star Line 3” dia, bowl shape, excellent condition, Base Reads : Rd No. 117214, Rd No. 324025 3/1913.£220
White Star Line one cup teapot with cover, in excellent condition, base reads, White Star Line Stonier & Co. Ltd, Liverpool. Made by Mintons, excellent condition.No Sale
To match above teapot:- A milk jug 3 1/2” high, by Stonier as above lot, ex condition. Base reads, White Star Line, Stonier & Co Ltd. Mintons £130
To match above teapot & jug – A small cream jug, 2 3/4” high as above pattern and details – excellent condition, by Stonier, Mintons, base reads “White Star Line”.£170
White Star Line dessert plate 7 1/2” dia, wisteria pattern in turquoise & brown, house flag to centre, base reads Rd No.117214, Rd No.324028. Stonier & Co. Ltd, Liverpool, Excellent Condition.£250
White Star Line dinner plate OSNC devise to top edge, Ocean Steam Navigation Co. cobalt blue rim, green key pattern, bordered in gold leaf, restored to excellent condition. 9 1/2” base reads, “White Star Line, Stonier & Co. Ltd, Liverpool”. Spode Copelands China England in green.£300
White Star Line soup bowl. 9 3/4” dia, with Ocean Stream Navigation CO. cartouche to centre in blue, border & blue beads and swag, base reads “White Star Line, Stoner & Co. Ltd, Liverpool. Rd No.461740” Excellent condition. Bradford Pattern 1906.£320
Lloyds Weekly News, The Deathless Story of the Titanic, complete narrative with many illustrations. 3rd edition. Price 2D Very good condition for its age.£52
White Star Line china dinner plate, gold, wide royal blue border OSNC. logo to centre by Spode, in original and excellent condition.£55
White Star Line 3rd class china butter pat, house flag with gold rim.£160
White Star Line silver plate tureen by Elkington, measures 9 1/2” dia, complete with cover, flag motif, super condition.£160
White Star Line strainer, silver plate by Elkington, see above lot, will fit this tureen, house flag motif, used condition. 7 1/2” dia.£50
White Star crumb scoop, house flag to top of handle, very good condition 18” long.£280
Shedplate 67A Corkerhill ex Glasgow & South Western Depot, allocation in 1948 totalled 132 locos, including 8 Jubilees, later on 11+ Scots – ex loco condition.£95
Handlamp, North British Railway 3 aspect, no 4209, has no aspect classes, unrestored condition, comes with original vessel burner – superb example.No Sale
Worksplate – ‘Brush Sulzer’ No. 562 1964 ex Brush type 4 co-co class 47, No.D1800. Tops no. 47319 named Norsk Hydro 1998, allocated to 41A Darnall 1965, withdrawn April 1995, broken up 2000 E.W.S. Immingham, superb plate, ex loco. First time in auction.£300
Smokebox numberplate 48536 ex Stanier 8F built Doncaster, to traffic 06/45 as L.M.S. 8536, allocations include, Westhouses, Widnes, Warrington & Heaton Mersey, withdrawn 1/1967, cut up by Cohens, plate restored.£400
LNWR Fletchers Rotary Block. Stamped LNWR no 1902 on the side of the cabinet, plated Wakefield East, up down loco shed, ivorine plates have been replaced by brass ones. A handsome instrument.£150
Coat of Arms – “Waterman Railway Device”, from Peter Waterman’s private railway company, on board very good order 18” x 14”.£48
A Carriage-print - King Edward Bridge by Steel L.N.E.R post war series, in very good condition in original type frame & glazed.£70
143. G.C.& Midland Joint line, cast Iron, “Trespass Notice”, measures 27 1/2” x 21 1/2” dated July 1921. This sign came from Marple, Stockport. ‘Not common’ very interesting text£210
Deltic warning panel ex loco with original bolts & bulbs 12 1/2” x 3 1/2” ex 55013 D9013 named “Black Watch”, to traffic September 1961 withdrawn 1981, allocated to 64B Haymarket in Sept 1961, later York. Cut up Doncaster, December 1982.£50
Hull & Barnsley crossing gate lamp, brass makers plate, Westinghouse Brake & Saxby Signal Co. Ltd. London & Chippenham – ex condition, no interior.£220
C.T.A.C Headboard. (Creative Tourist Agent’s Conference) a consortium of 9 UK travel agents and firms which chartered special trains from 1933-1939 & 1945-1968. This board is in excellent condition, measures 41” x 19”.£350
Doorplate – BR(NE) tangerine flat plate, Goods Department Enquiries & Receiving Office, small edge chip. Very good condition.£320
An L.Y.R Co. oval serving dish 12” x 8 3/4” branded “L&Y Co” on outer rim, nice and clean. Very good condition.£50
Original works photo framed & glazed of L.N.W.R No. 610 Princess Royal 2-2-2 Problem class express loco. Framed with mount & glazed 22” x 16” very good condition, designed by J. Ramsbottom for the L.N.W.R, built at Crewe early 1860’s , all scrapped by 1907, these locos were first to use water pick up from troughs.£40
Nameplate “Haystoun of Bucklaw” ex D11/2 large director, originally designed by John G Robinson of the G.C Railway in 1919. These D11/2 were built by the LNER for use on the North British Metals and had design differences because of the loading gauge restrictions. Gresley opting to use a proven design of Robinsons instead of designing a new loco. Robinson was acting at this time, as advisor to the LNER. This loco was built by Kitsons of Leeds, works number 5390, to traffic 31/10/1924, allocated to 65A Eastfield in 1948 until withdrawn in 1961, cut up at Inverurie works 30/09/1961, original running number 6389 then 2682 – BR62682. As you can see, the name of the loco was painted on to the splasher, so this is strictly speaking, a flame cut piece of that splasher, so you are getting part of the loco as well. Superb item, not to be missed by the discerning collector.No Sale
Shedplate 65B St Rollox 1946-1966 Ex Caledonian Dept, allocation varied around 80 locos, all four named “Black Fives” were here in the early 50’s (restored face)£150
London Underground – Running in board, Charing Cross 54” x 9” - good condition, edge chips.£60
G.W.R. Teapot EPNS 5 1/2”: high, crest to side, very good condition.£40
Original Oil painting on canvas by Barry Price, 46146 The Rifle Brigade on Dillicar Troughs image measures 20” x 12” super picture.£550
Worksplate – English Electric 3138/D688 ‘Vulcan Foundry’ ex EE type 4,1 CO CO 1, D392-40192 to traffic May 1962, allocated to 52A Gateshead, withdrawn January 1985, broken up Doncaster March 1985. ex loco condition.£400
Handlamp – Great Northern Railway, small type, 3 aspect plated Batley Passenger No. 27 complete with original vessel, relocated Lowestoft plated, restored condition.£150
Totem – “Fleetwood” (M) FF face drilled, as was the case with a number from this location. Opened in 1883 by the LNWR & L&Y Railway jointly. This station was very busy due to the docks and steamers sailing to the Isle of Man and Belfast. Closed in 1966. In very good condition, good shine.£800
Speedo ex EE Type 4 Class 40 – 0-120mph, in good order, made by Smiths, distributed by J Stone & Co(Deptford) Ltd measures 5” x 5” £50
BR(M) round head 8” clock, Smith’s clock no 19566 non-fusee movement, originally at Millers Dale Station, “Station Master” from 3/1/1953 then to Dinting Station PW Office April 1960, photo of repair card, LMS clock/history accompanies this lot, complete with key. Very good condition.£500
Ground Signal B.R.W’s in good condition and ready for your railway.£65
A Tyers Single Line Key Token Instrument, the lighter aluminium variety, contains one key token from the section “Firbeck A-Harworth Colliery” from a colliery line in South Yorkshire. This instrument is complete and in working condition with bakelite plunger & Tyers plate, except the small circular section indicator on the front is missing.£300
Poster board header – British Railways (SC) Q.R fair condition – some restoration.£38
Tender plate ex LMS Crewe 1927 ex crab in very good order. Ex loco back£140
Shedplate – 34G Finsbury Park 15/4/1960-5/5/1973 famous for its stud of deltics some of which carried cast iron shed plates, you never know this could be one (restored)£80
Posterboard header B.R.(S) green enamel good shine, nibbles round fixing holes and odd edge chip. Very good condition 54” x 6”.£60
C.I Midland Trespass 1893 Sign, 27” x 20” restored face only.£45
Enamel station-sign “Hertford” with right facing arrow B.R.(E) good shine, chip to centre, flange edge chips, 36” x 12”, Good Condition.£150
Glasgow & South Western Railway Hotels silver-plated coffee pot, 2 cup size, good used condition, 6” high. By ‘Elkington’.£70
A Carriage-print - The River Nidd, Knaresborough by Merriott, L.N.E.R. post war series in excellent carriage condition. In its original frame.£60
A station lantern glass name panel – ‘Martham’ good as new original, 12” x 3 1/4” blue letters on opaque ground.£Sold
Handlamp G.W.R. 4 aspect, brass colour, stamped G.W.R. made by Griffiths & Son, Bradford St, Birmingham ‘plated’, also 2430 lozenge to lamp body, complete with vessel, burner & reflector. Very good condition.£80
BR (M) maroon enamel Sign – “Lift Warning Notice”, Barrows 18” x 13” – repair to fixing holes.£70
Worksplate – ‘Darlington 1956 cast iron, almost certain to have been carried by a standard class 2 Mickey Mouse, as all the class were built at Darlington.£95
Bus stop sign cast iron with a tin plate insert stating ‘Request Stop from the City’ blue & white, is this Sheffield City or Birmingham city Corporation. 24” diameter with post socket , very good condition.£40
A Nameplate, “The National Railway Museum , The First 10 Years 1975-1985” together with its NRM badge. Carried by the Class 43 HST power car 43038 built by BREL at Crewe in December 1976. Named at the NRM on 28th September 1985, 43038 had set a new diesel speed record of 144mph the previous day. The plates were removed in March 1997, the other nameplate set going straight to the NRM at York, where they are on display today. The stainless steel nameplate 55” x 10” and the NRM badge 9” x 9” which is faded, are both in ex loco condition.£1000
Handlamp L & Y Railway, 3 aspect, complete with original L&Y vessel and slatted glasses, number 15397 stamped on top handle, stamped L&Y R on top trigger, stamped 15396 Moses Gate of drum, un-restored condition.£150
Signal post plate, LMSR. cast iron – very good condition£40
Smokebox numberplate 43660 ex Midland 3F, works no, 1689 Johnson design, built Vulcan Foundry, to traffic 30/06/1900, allocated 1948 Canklow, here most of its life, withdrawn 1959, cut up Central Wagon Co. 1960. A superb plate. Excellent loco, front & back.£320
Totem – Blackpool Central (M) HF, opened in 1853 by the Preston & Wyre Joint Railway as Blackpool, renamed Blackpool Central 1878, this station became the worlds busiest station in 1911. Closure came at the end of 1964. Beeching recommended Blackpool North be closed, but Blackpool corporation saw an opportunity to capitalise on the land close to the tower, lobbying successfully, and Central closed, un restored, as removed from the station.£800
Shedplate 50A York ex N.E. depot, this famous shed had an allocation of 206 locos in 1948 including 6, A1’s, 5 A2’s and 28 V2’s – ex loco.£100
Coat of Arms – “London North Western Railway & Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway” on board, very good condition, 10” x 7”.£50
Bridge Plate L.N.W.R No.9, oval, cast iron, restored face, original back.£50
Loco chimney ex Jubilee 5592 “Indore”, in good order and sound. 5592 was built at North British Queens St Works, Works No 24150 Lot 118 to traffic Dec 34, named 1936. BR number 45592, withdrawn 1964 scrapped at Central Wagon Wigan 1965. Allocations from 1948 include Crewe, Camden, Carnforth, Newton Heath NOTE:‘Heavy Item’, transport from vendors to your home can be arranged very easily at cost, this is not a problem.No Sale
Original watercolour, framed & glazed, depicting Coronation Class City of London & Princess Royal Class, Princess Louise at Euston, very good image by Smith 1981 – 34” x 24”£40
Signal lamp interior, LNER Welch Patent plated “Liverpool St” original burner, all glasses intact, copper flip top present also fuel stopper and chain.£50
Carriage board, small size, double sided “Crewe/Bangor” in maroon with straw lettering. Good condition.No Sale
Doorplate – BR (NE) tangerine “Ticket Office”, F.F case outline lettering, super condition, 18” x 6”.£480
Instrument Box – Brass Plated G.N.R. District Engineers Office, Derby, superb used condition with brass handle & toggle catch 10” x 18” & 6” wide.£85
A Glasgow & South Western Railway style 4 Cup coffee pot, engraved with the London Midland & Scottish Railway Co. Arms, very good used condition ‘Walker & Hall’.No Sale
A G.W.R Pre Grouping Trespass Sign, restored front & back, cast iron, measures 24” x 12”.£60
Brass key token “FirbeckA-Harworth Colliery” No.20 from a colliery line in South Yorkshire. Very good condition.£65
Worksplate – ‘Metropolitan Vickers’ class EMI, Bo Bo, Ex 26004, built 1951 Gorton, originally designed by Nigel Gresley, known as Woodhead Electrics, super ex loco condition, allocated to Gorton 39A then Reddish, electric depot, withdrawn 1978, broken up at CF Booth, Rotherham January 1984, ex loco condition.£750
Paperweight ‘Brel’ 150 years, glass, a little rubbed on the top, but a nice useful item. £25
Sugg gas lamp top, in very good condition, ex post 18” diameter, 20” high, no globe.£30
Shedplate 8H Atherton 1960-1963 then Birkenhead Mollington Street 1963-1967 (Restored)£75
Handlamp – London South Western Railway, 4 aspect, an early example in good and complete un-restored condition, brass plated S.W.R and in addition, branded S.W.R Co on the drum.£130
Brass key token “FirbeckA-Harworth Colliery” No.18 from a colliery line in South Yorkshire. Very good condition.£65
Poster Board header – British Railways (M) DR good condition.£65
A Carriage-print - Sandsend, Whitby, Yorkshire by Merriott, L.N.E.R post war series, in good condition in an original type frame and glazed.£50
Nameplate “Alfred Fletcher” ex Claughton class loco, built by the LNWR at Crewe in May 1913 No 1327 later LMS No 5098. Rebuilt 1928 with larger boiler, withdrawn 1936. This loco was one of the first batch built just before the 1st war and was quite a performer in its early years, working the London Liverpool’s non-stop. Allocated to Edge Hill, Liverpool. The early Claughtons did not steam well, but this one did, hence its constant use on the non-stop. The plate has lightly polished face, ex loco back. These plates were both nameplate and worksplate combined. A super nameplate from a very super class.£10000
BR(M) Totem – Mossley FF Face, drilled x 2, good condition and shine, a couple of repairs to edges, very nice totem. Mossley Station is an ex L.Y Railway Station – approx 10 miles east of Manchester Victoria, Private E.Sykes V.C.. worked from Mossley Station as a guard. This face drilled variety is rare.£300
Enamel sign – Lift Warning Notice, Porters, Guards, Driver and others – May 1907 – repaired very good condition£40
Inspection general purpose handlamp, embossed with B.R double arrows, must be one of the last oil lamps manufactured for use so late in the 20th century.£32
Cast iron sign “Midland Railway Notice, Private Footpath Only, Trespassers will be prosecuted by order” very good restored condition.£80
L.N.E.R China foot warmer by Doulton, “Doulton’s improved foot warmer” Lambeth Pottery London, in very good condition, complete with screw stopper.£110
Wagon plate – cast brass, registered 1964, No 1179 “gross weight not to exceed 45 tonnes”. Good condition. £20
Original oil on canvas painting ‘35017 Belgian Marine’ by Barry Price, with the up Bournemouth Belle, image measures 22” x 14”. Super picture.£680
Worksplate - North British Locomotive Co, circular, brass. Flat plate no. 24686 of 1941 in brass 7 ¾” dia, restored front and back. This plate was affixed to Stanier 8F 48254, withdrawn 1966. Allocations included 9B, 9G, 16D, 16E, 16F, 16G. very good condition.£Sold
Shedplate 21B Bescot. 1/4/1960-31/8/1963 ex LNW Railway, 80 locos allocated in 1948. Mixed traffic.£70
Z Bends for 1/” mile 28” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£100
Narrow Bridge 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£100
Gated Road 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£140
Children 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£240
Signals Ahead 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£200
Hospital “H” 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£70
School Children Playing 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£110
Sheep (rare) 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£260
Hump Bridge 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£55
Hospital - showing shield 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£65
Level Crossing 21” x 12”, cast alloy road sign by Branco Signs Ltd£85
Smokebox numberplate 48318, Stanier Class 8F. Ex War Department stock, transferred to B.R stock 1949, built North British Loco 1942, allocations include 5B Crewe South 1949. Restored with weld, very neat job£380
Original oil painting of “Duke of Gloucester” in a lovely frame, good image overall, 29” x 41 ½” – Artist David Frank?£130
Totem – Nelson (N) FF in excellent condition, face drilled x 4, ex East Lancashire Rly, later becoming part of the L&Y Railway opened in 1849.£480
Shedplate 32A Norwich 1948-1973 ex G.E.R depot with an allocation of 134 locos in its day including 6 x B17 of which both streamliners were here, “East Anglian & City of London”. (Restored)£100
Nameplate ex class 87, 87016 “Willesden Inter City Depot” 53” x 15” Aluminium Construction. To traffic 1974, withdrawn Sept 2004, ex loco back & front, scrapped December 2004.£2100
Lever pull plate, embossed, Gate Stops 16, ex Cheshire lines box at Mobberley, nr Knutsford. This lever released the crossing wicket gate there, “guaranteed”£65
Coat of Arms - “South Eastern Railway”, framed. Excellent Condition, arms 7” x 9 1/2” this size was for the small coach stock.£85
A London & North Western 2 cup Teapot, white stoneware marked London & N.W.Rly Co., Rugby Refreshment Rooms, in excellent condition, no chips, by Copeland “Stoke”£50
BR(E) round head 8” clock, Smith’s clock no 15310 non-fusee movement - spent all its life at Rotherham Westgate box (written inside rear box – in pencil – Rotherham Westgate Box) complete with key – in very good condition.£340
Pub Sign ex ‘The Cheshire Lines’. A Walkers pub from Southport. Aluminium construction, painted one side and printed on the other. Measures 41” x 31”, fair condition, needs a frame.£100
Coffee pot, silver-plate from, Yarborough Hotel, Grimsby (GCR) 6 1/2” high, very good condition.£45
Worksplate – ‘Beyer Peacock’ No. 8040 1965, ex D7630 later 25280, built 1965. B.R. Type 2 Bo Bo Class 25, allocated to 41A Sheffield Darnall, broken up at Swindon 1983, ex loco, very good example.£750
L.N.W.R Trespass Sign, cast iron, good ex post back, restored face, 26” x 19”.£50
Crossing gate lamp, L.N.E.R. embossed, restored in very good condition, no vessel, bulls eyes good, comes with gate bracket.£50
A Carriage-print - Red Hill, Tunnels by Steel L.M.R. Architecture Series, in very good condition in original type frame & glazed, ready to hang.£50
Bridge plate – No 29 Cast Iron – ex bridge condition 11” x 7”.£20
Worksplate G.N.R large brass soup-plate ex D2, works no. 1170 built 1907, super condition, you will not find a better example, stamped on the rear 4180 R. Denoting the right hand plate. No 4180 was allocated to York in 1922 became 2193 in 1946, finally 62193 in 1948, withdrawn from 38A Colwick in 1949.£1050
Handlamp – G.E.R. 3 aspect hand lamp, complete with knobs and back handle, original condition throughout, stamped “March” on the reducing cone and “G.E.R”, all glasses, original tank plated “Kerosene”, original burner, reflector detached. Very good condition. £
Shedplate – 87G – Carmarthen 1948 allocation of 57 locos closed in 1964, ex GWR depot, very good condition.£130
Totem – “Layton” (M) F.F. Good shine, two repairs to centre, not affecting letters, very good otherwise. Originally opened and called Bispham in 1867 on the Preston and Wyre Joint Railway becoming Layton ‘Lancs’ in 1938 later dropping the Lancs to plain Layton.£500
Doorplate – (NE) tangerine F.F. “Waiting Room”, case outline lettering, super condition, 18” x 6”. £550
A loco whistle organ pipe, ex industrial or traction engine, very good condition. 9 1/2” x 2”.£60
Signalbox Board, Heeley Station. A Box on Heeley station situated South of Sheffield on the Midland Mainline to Derby & Manchester 69” x 10” cast metal letters on timber – very good condition.£150
Original works photo, framed & glazed off a LB & SC Railway B1 No.491 Gordon Lennox built 1888, designed by W. Stroudley, built at Brighton, withdrawn 1929, named after the Duke of Richmond, this picture shows 491 decked out with garlands, could this be Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.£20
Totem – Cheadle Hulme BR(M) F ex Manchester and Birmingham Railway, opened in 1842 originally just Cheadle but renamed Cheadle Hulme in 1866. This is a junction station in the Y of the junction of the Manchester to London via Crewe, and Manchester to London via Stoke on Trent lines, this totem needs some TLC but would be worth it, uncommon.£620
B.R. (M) enamel double sided “Way Out” station sign with hanging loops, would split to make two, needs a clean 24” x 18” Good condition.£140
Shedplate 66A Polmadie ex Caledonian depot, allocation in 1948, totalled 210 locos, including 9 Coronations, 5 Scots & 4 Jubilees – ex loco condtion,£115
N.E.R. chamber pot 9” dia white with blue edge lining and NER cartouche on front, very ornate, excellent condition.£100
LNER R.C.C. Milk jug E.P.N.S 3 1/2” high, used condition.£40
A Nameplate ‘Redgauntlet’ ex A1 class No. 60137, A Development of Thompson’s A1 by A. Peppercorn, built Darlington 1948 to traffic December 3rd 1948, works no. 2056 allocated to 52A Gateshead, then to 52B Heaton in 1960, finally 52D Tweedmouth in 1962. Withdrawn and stored at Blaydon, then to Doncaster for cutting up on 16th April 1963. 60137 was named in June 1950. Redgauntlet after a Scott novel and character, carried BR apple green livery from new, then BR blue, finally BR green. Lifespan 13 years & 10 months. This plate has a lightly polished front, ex loco back, showing its pattern. Box stampings of other loco names being cast from the same, Wolf of Badenoch, Sparrow Hawk, Golden Plover, Golden Fleece, East Anglia ‘B17 Streamliner”, Capercaillie, Chamossaire, Ocean Swell, Owen Tudor, Straight Deal, Miles Beevor, Happy Knight, Meg Merrilees fine opportunity to purchase a superb A1 Pacific Nameplate. 65 1/2” x 7 1/2”.No Sale
Nut crackers – silver-plated from Canadian Pacific Railway, house flag on handle, stating, ‘Railway’ 5” long.£20
Enamel sign ‘ Beware of Trains’ BR(E) flangeless, good shine, restored edges, 36” x 12”. Good condition.£70
N.E.R. 2 comp serving dish EPNS, Marked ‘Middlesborough’ 10” x 7”, used condition.£50
Carriage board - ‘Chelmsford’ painted in red with black letter, in very good condition.£50
Worksplate engraved ex A1 Pacific, works no. 2056, Darlington 1948. Redgauntlet for history – see lot No. 250. In super condition, lightly polished, ex loco back, stamped with running number.No Sale
A LNWR metal cased signal repeater, standard dog kennel style with miniature red semaphore arm, front of instrument is brass and stamped “LNW Rly”, Electrical & Signaling Department, Crewe. Original Condition.£150
Wagon plate – Clayton 1927 in very good restored condition.£30
Handlamp – N.B.R. 3 aspect handlamp, including all glasses, original tank, burner and reflector, stamped on the drum “NBR 1289” also “586s” Superb original condition.No Sale
Smokebox numberplate - 52098 Aspinall 3F 0-6-0 Tender Engine. To traffic, 31/10/1890, withdrawn 31/10/1953, allocations included 12E Moor Row in 1948 and finished at Wigan Springs branch 10A in 1953, cut up at Horwich works after 63 years service. Ex loco back, restored face, very good condition. A letter “B” cast in the back.£650
Shedplate 51A Darlington, this ex N.E depot had an allocation of 152 locos in 1948 including A2 Robert the Bruce 60510. Restored face, good condition.£Sold
Jigsaw G.W.R “Drake Goes West”, 400 pieces, complete and in very good condition, comes made up on card and complete with original box, which is sound but has some wear.No Sale
Jigsaw G.W.R “Beau Nash’s Bath” 200 pieces, complete and in very good condition, comes made up on card, complete with original box which has some damage but is complete.No Sale
Jigsaw G.W.R “Beau Nash’s Bath” 200 pieces, complete and in very good condition, comes made up on card, complete with original box which has some damage but is complete.No Sale
Jigsaw G.W.R “Royal Route to the West” 200 pieces, complete and made up on card, very good condition, comes with original box, some wear to box but ok.No Sale
Jigsaw G.W.R “Cheltenham Flyer” 200 pieces, complete and made up on card, very good condition, comes with original box and information leaflet, sound with wear.No Sale
Jigsaw G.W.R “Cornish Riviera”, 150 pieces complete and made up on card, in very good condition, comes with original box, sound with wear.No Sale
Jigsaw G.W.R “King Arthur on Dartmoor”, 375 pieces, complete and made up on card, in very good condition, comes with original box, sound with wear.No Sale
Jigsaw G.W.R “Torbay Express”, 375 pieces, complete and made up on card, very good condition, comes with original box & leaflet, sound with wear.£30
Totem - “Kenley” (S) FF in excellent condition, originally opened with the line on 5th August 1856 as Coulsdon Station by the Caterham Railway renamed Kenley Station soon after. Later simply Kenley, A grade 2 listed building station house stands on platform 2.£300
Coat of Arms – North Eastern Railway 18 1/2” x 15 1/2” mounted on board – very good condition.£38
Welsh language version of the L.N.W.R Trespass Sign “RHYBUDD” cast iron, ex post back, restored face 25” x 17”.£75
Shedplate 32B Ipswich 1949-59. Became a diesel depot 1960-1988. This large ex G.E.R. depot boasted 10 B17’s amongst its 100 locos in the fifties. (Restored)No Sale
Worksplate – BR Electric Class 85, this plate was affixed to E3078/85023 and is stamped on the rear, built Doncaster 1962. Good condition£550
A Carriage-print – River Thames at Putney, showing the boating club, lovely water colour from the L.N.E.R post war series in excellent condition, in an original type frame & glazed ready to hang. By Wilson.£50
Nameplate – ‘Mersey Voyager’ ex voyager, stamped VV025. this plate was carried by 220019, 24” x 15”. Superb condition.£500
276. H.M.S Hood plaque 9 1/2” x 7 1/2”, presented to the H.M.S Hood Association by the class 50 loco’s group by kind permission of British Railway Western Region, cast in BREL foundry Swindon, using scrap metal from a class 50.£40
Enamel Sign BR(NE) FF ‘Notice is Given That Only Cars Duly Licensed by the Railway Executive are Permitted to Stand at the Station’ in very good condition, one chip to left hand edge, does not detract. 24” x18”.£300
Handlamp – LNWR, 3 aspect handlamp, stamped “LNWR Abergavenny Jct Traffic A6163” Original vessel and burner stamped LNWR, all glasses present. A scarce location. Excellent unrestored ex service condition. – a superb lamp. £320
Shedplate 67B Hurlford ex Glasgow and South Western Railway, allocation in 1948 totalled 56 locos - ex loco condition.£150
L.M.S. art deco teapot, brown glaze and embossed LMS, excellent condition 2 x cup size.£70
Wagon plate - “C.L.C. Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd (Alkali Division) Winnington C.L.C. Railway”, reg number ground off, cast iron, measures 29 1/2” x 9” . These plates were attached to the Hopper wagons that were Stanier 8F hauled through Hazel Grove for years on their way to Northwich from Buxton.£40
Wagon plate I.C.I Hopper, a variant on lot above 32” x 92 cast iron.£50
I.C.I hopper wagon cast iron letters, 19” high x 14” x 3”. These large metal letters adorned the side of the ICI hopper Fleet from the 30’s through to the 60’s. These wagons were employed in the transport of limestone from the quarries at Peak Forest, nr Buxton to I.C.I Alkali, Northwich, Cheshire, A full train was 16 hoppers plus a brake van normally hauled by a Stanier 8F. These trains ran six days a week.£70
Handlamp – WD 1945. 3 aspect, completely restored with all glasses, vessel burner & reflector, plated ‘Maker-Wakefield 1945’, very good condition.£28
Carriage board, small size, double sided Forres/Elgin in maroon with straw lettering – good condition.£110
Shedplate 9D Buxton cast iron, restored a long time ago, Buxton 1935-1963 ex LNWR depot, at its peak had 55 locos on its books, later this code transferred to Newton Heath 1963-1968 ex L&Y with 80 locos on the books.(Restored)£75
LMS Tyers rectangular metal cased repeater, contains a miniature red home semaphore arm and in original condition, 9” high, brass plated “LMS”.£380
LNER Ink Well, embossed ‘LNER’, made of glass, comes with cover. Very good condition.£42
Totem – Beattock BR(SC) H.F. Opened by the Caledonian Railway 1847, became part of L.M.S. in 1923, is situated on the West Coast mainline, closed 1972, Beattock famous for its torturous bank, north of this station. Good shine, good condition, with usual edge nibbles and a chip in the lower right hand panel.£980
Original oil painting, Sir Nigel Gresley stands at Newcastle with the Tees Tyne Pullman 33” x 23” This painting was commissioned by BR(E) artwork for advertising brochures by Rex Conway – framed & glazed, very good condition, nice image.£110
Worksplate L.M.S. 1925 in brass, carried by Fowler 4F, only 4F’s built at Crewe in 1925, 51 in number – ex loco back, restored face.£150
Tender-plate, cast iron – ex BR No. 4780, 8” x 6”£50
Doorplate – BR(NE) tangerine F.F. Parcels, Left Luggage & Enquiries, super condition, this sign came from Scarborough Central Station 21" x 6"£480
B.R(M) enamel sign ‘No Parking’ ex Bolton Trinity St Station, numerous chips and knocks, good shine.£62
Tender plate, “GWR No.2775 4000 gallons, Swindon”, restored condition.£220
Enamel poster header board. – double royal – ‘Grand Opera House’ in good condition.£80
Smokebox numberplate 48354 ex LMS 8F built Horwich 1944 to a Stanier Design to traffic 06/1944 withdrawn 11/1966 scrapped at Cashmores 1967, allocations include Stourton 1948, Shrewbury 1950, Northampton 1964, finally Stoke 1965, restored condition.No Sale
Handlamp, GWR 3 aspect, brass plated on reducing cone, “Petroleum handlamp Sugg & Co of Westminster”, copper top with double skinned copper tank, GWR etched lens & GWR stamped on the drum, brass base ring to reducing cone, also brass plate on the drum embossed 20318. Complete with all glasses and burner. An excellent and rare lamp. Very good condition. No Sale
Shedplate 24B ‘Rose Grove’ ex L&Y Railway Depot. 1948-1963, an allocation of 55 locos in 1948, restored – good condition.£130
Nameplate – ‘Howe’ ex Jubilee class, built for and by the LMS at Crewe in 1934, to traffic 7/12/34, number 5466, became 45644 in 1948 and allocated to 67A Corkerhill then 0A Longsight 1952, finished up at 5B Crewe South 1961, withdrawn 23/11/63. Named after Admiral Richard Howe, first lord of the admiralty, affectionately know by the ratings as Black Dick 1728-1799. This plate has a lightly polished face with ex loco back, it is one of a very few cast at St Rollox and measures 23 3/4”, first time in auction.No Sale
Advertising enamel sign – ‘Stephens Ink, Blue Black Copying Ink” 44” x 8 1/2” good condition, some restoration, long time ago.£150
Advertising enamel sign – ‘Wills Gold Flake’ very good condition, some restoration a long time ago 36” x 18”.£85
Advertising enamel sign – ‘Wild Woodbine’ good condition, some restoration a long time ago 36” x 18”.£85
Advertising enamel sign – ‘Palethorpes Today’ good condition, some restoration a long time ago 23” x 15”. - LOT WITHDRAWN FROM AUCTIONNo Sale
Advertising enamel sign – ‘Stephens Ink’ circular 8” dia, ink spot on blot, very good condition, no repairs. - LOT WITHDRAWN FROM AUCTIONNo Sale
Adverting enamel sign – ‘Gossages Dry Soup’ good condition, restored in places 24” x 12”.£80
Advertising enamel sign – ‘Webbs Emperor Cabbage’ good condition, some restoration 18” x 12”. £225
Advertising enamel sign – Power Petrol” 46” x 12” very good condition.£380
Advertising enamel sign – ‘Premier Products’ 48” x 30” good condition.£200
GWR round head fusee 12” clock with pendulum and key, full working order, enamel number plate 2747 fixed to bottom edge located on the joint GWR/LNWR Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway, dial repainted BR (W) at Reading whilst in for repair, lovely clock complete with pendulum and key.£650
Totem - Bare Lane BR(M) F.F. Ex L.N.W. Railway opened 1864 on the Morecambe Branch Line from Lancaster to Heysham Port. The old station building is now a private dwelling. Very good condition, good shine, one small chip on the top edge. £850
Coat of Arms Cheshire Lines Committee 20” x 15” – very good condition.£95
Shedplate 31B March 1948-73 ex Great Eastern Depot,199 loco’s at its height, large amount of W.D & 9F 2-10-0’s, but most remembered for its stud of B17s, 10 in number. 61630/ 35/ 36 /41/ 46/ 48/56/ 60/ 61 /72 of which six were footballers plates. Is in ex loco condition.£120
Carriage-print – Abbotsford Roxburghshire, showing Sir Walter Scott’s beloved home, water colour by Steel, from the L.N.E.R post war series, in excellent condition, ready to hang, framed & glazed. £45
LNER cream tot with LNER script entwined, cream ware, beautiful condition.£100
Tyers key token with hoop & satchel – Northwich-Middlewich, this branch was opened by the LNW Railway in 1867, main use was for the salt traffic out of this area of Cheshire. Line closed in 1967. Good condition.£90
Lever plate in brass, ex LMS double sided, “Distant from Leicester”/”Down Fast line Distant” – polished condition.£90
Handlamp – NER. 3 aspect small inspectors lamp, complete with all glasses and original vessel, stamped “NER B DEW” original burner “Vaporite Patent” & reflector, lens bruised and vessel detached. Super little lamp.£50
‘The Owner of the Mail’ original very old print, Fore’s contrasts, showing two images, one of a loco driver & loco 1853 and the other a coach driver, horse & coach 1832. Would look great when cleaned 22 1/2” x 29”, original frame untouched.No Sale
Derwent Valley Railway station lantern case, post top type, glass panel, reading ‘Cottingwith’ restored and very good condition 36” high, a superb lamp.£400
Pair of Water Gauge Protectors ex 46153. The Royal Dragoon, in ex loco condition, built 1930 at Derby spent most of its career at Camden 1B. withdrawn 1962, cut up at Crewe.£50
Bridge plate – WR&GR (West Riding & Grimsby Railway) – No.71, restored front, original back. Very good condition.No Sale
Signalbox lever back board, “ Cheshire Lines Rly” painted on top board, This rare survivor came from Tiviot Dale Station Box, Stockport and is at least 100 years old, constructed in three parts, fixed together with backing plates, alas one plate is missing but does not detract as it is on the rear. Super item, probably pitch pine, overall 130” x 18” x 10”, ex box conditioned not messed with. You will not find another, a superb item.£280
Carriage-print - Travel in 1895 East & West Junction Railway Stratford on Avon by Hamilton Ellis in ex carriage condition, some damp marks in frieze, framed & glazed L.M.R. Travel Series.No Sale
Nameplate – ‘Sir William Arrol’ from an EE Type 3 D6910 1963, 37210 1974, 37693 1986, named March 1990-July 1993, built Vulcan Foundry, works no. 3388/D854 November - original condition, ex loco.No Sale
Workplate – “Hunslet” from a 205hp diesel shunter, works no. 4210, built 1950. Very good condition, void of paint.£115
Shedplate 17A Derby 1950-1963 became 16C opened in 1839 for the Midland Counties Railway; large allocation of 154 loco’s in 1950. (Restored).£230
Linemans voltage meter, engraved “L&NW Railway” Tel G Dept No. 191, Rd No. 310/90 in superb condition, front drop down cover complete on hinges with fastener, brass construction with leather carrying handle. 7” dia.£38
Midland Railway cast-iron gate notice ‘Shut this Gate’ Midland Railway ex gate. Ready for your gate at home.£75
A Document Trunk ex Barry Railway, written on the lid in paint, “In the house of lords”, Barry Railway Co. V white. Good condition for age, constructed of tin plate 17” x 14” deep – No Key.£30
Horse brass ex N.E Railway depicting the company initials, still mounted on its leather thong and strap with buckle, very good condition 4” x 3”.£40
Enamel sign – Midland Railway – “The buckets must be kept full of clean water etc” – some loss to corners, average condition.£35
Totem – BR(M) “Grange Over Sands” F.F. Ex Furness Railway opened 1857 initially named Grange, it was changed to Grange Over Sands in 1916, still open today, was awarded Heritage Station of the Year in 2012. In excellent condition, good shine.£1400
Bonbon Dish – GWR, marker GWR Hotels, leaf pattern around the edge. 4 1/2” x 5” – very good condition. - LOT WITHDRAWN FROM AUCTIONNo Sale
LMS china ashtray with match box holder, to the rear, script “LMS Hotels” in blue, cream ground, lined out in gold leaf. Very good condition.£50
Fine scale model, 0’gauge of a LNWR Precursor Tank 4-4-2 in L.M.S. Livery number 1295, a runner – very good condition.No Sale
Smokebox numberplate 80094 ex standard 2-6-4 tank built Brighton, to traffic 25/10/54, withdrawn 31/7/1966, scrapped at Cohens, allocations were various, Kentish Town, Bangor, Birkenhead, then down south to Three Bridges, Stewarts Lane, Brighton, Redhill, Feltham, in ex loco condition ‘Superb’.£1100
Shedplate 40B – Immingham1948-1973 ex loco, very good condition.£70
Advertising enamel sign –“Brooke Bond Tea” black writing on red ground, 24” x 16” – very good condition.£90
Advertising enamel sign “Vinolia Hand Cream” – very good condition 69” x 30”.£90
Advertising enamel sign – “Cadbury’s Cocoa Essence”– 18” x 10”£380
Advertising enamel sign – “Colmans Starch” – 24” x 16” very good condition.£75
Advertising enamel sign – “Hillspring Mineral Waters” 24” x 18” very good condition.£140
Advertising enamel sign – “John Knights” – Frying Oil 24” x 16” very good condition.£170
Advertising enamel sign – “Nose Gay Tobacco” 30” x 20” very good condition – black ground£100
Advertising enamel sign – “Pine Wood Cigarettes” 20” x 15” double sided – v. g. condition.£140
Advertising enamel sign – ‘Daily Telegraph’ very good condition 20” x 4 1/2”.£60
Advertising enamel sign – “Robin Tobacco” 31” x 14” good with repair£95
A Worksplate, brass, 1957 Doncaster ex 73160 standard class 5, allocated to Gateshead in 1957 then Normanton, Bletchley, Oxley, then withdrawn from Patricroft November 1967, cut up at Cashmores 1968. Restored a long time ago.£300
Nameplate ex Super Voyager “Amelia Earhart” No. 221119 built by Bombardier Brugge Wakefield 2001-2002 5x750hp car set 1A-A1 Alstom Traction Motors, built for cross country contract, denamed after Virgin lost the XC franchise. 38” x 18”.£650
Shedplate 21D – Stratford Upon Avon – opened 1875 ex Stratford Upon Avon & Midland Junction Rly 1948. Allocation 13 locos, nearly all Midland 3 F’s a couple of 4 F’s (ex loco)£320
Cart lamp, LNER, clear lens to front, red lens to rear, original vessel & burner, stamped LNER, brass plate to chimney, reads LNER 4 Oldham. Excellent condition.£160
Lever plate in brass, ex Midland Railway double sided. “Up fast line home to Dore/Signal from Sidings to Wicker Line”, polished condition.£270
Coat of Arms – Midland Railway Co, mounted on board 14 1/2” x 13 1/2”. Very good condition.£40
Totem – Hellifield BR(M) F.F Opened by the Midland Railway June 1880 at this busy junction with the L&Y Railway branch from Blackburn. Hellifield is very much at the heart of the Midland main line from London to Scotland. The station is still open and is a heritage site. Excellent condition, good shine.£950
Serving dish – silver-plate, E.C.J.S (east coast joint stock) 8” x 6”, good condition.£30
Carriage-print – Felixstowe Ferry – by Squirrel original type frame in excellent condition.£40
Loco whistle, LNER standard whistle fitted to B17’s, B2’s, B1’s etc, complete with valve and wheel, very good original condition. Lightly polished.£200
Cast Iron Sign – ‘Trespass S.R. 25” x 16” excellent condition.£50
Original oil on canvas painting, two castles and a king on shed, - no. 7029,5054 & 6002, by Bernard Jones. A very nice image, framed by the artist. Measures 26” x 15 1/2”. Very good condition.No Sale
Third Reich Eagle manufactured in aluminium for the German Railways, this example 34” x 15” with swastika in relief, would be fitted to the tenders of locomotives ex store, the lugs on the back have been removed for display purposes, totally original.£140
Enamel running in board - ‘Knutsford’ BR(M) FF – from this well known Cheshire village on the old Cheshire lines route through to Chester, 84” x 16”, super shine, very good condition.£150
Shed plate 51C – West Hartlepool 1948-1967 ex North Eastern Railway Depot, allocation in 1948 of 80 locos. Restored condition.No Sale
Oil Can/Jug brass plated, return to oil store Doncaster Plant Works measures 8” high devoid of paint.£30
Doorplate B.R.(E) enamel “Staff Only”, good shine, edge chips to top edge, good condition overall 18” x 3”.£75
A group of 4 pressure gauges B.R.(E). including, Budenberg, Westinghouse, Hoopro & Lincoln, very good condition.£90
Worksplate brass, L.M.S. Built Derby ex 42132 Fairburn class 4 Tank 2-6-4. to traffic 28/12/1949, allocations, St Albans, Nottingham, Hellifield, Southport, Bankhall, withdrawn 18/6/1966, cut up at Cashmores 1966, restored back & face.£65
Brass key token “Firbeck A-Harworth Colliery” No.12 from a colliery line in South Yorkshire. Very good condition.£65
Sugg signal box gas lantern in excellent condition, needs globe. 11” diameter 11” high.£38
Rotary pegging block instrument ex Midland Railway, stamped “MR Co”. twice on the roof, also stamped “1914” on the roof and the foot, three test labels inside the hood, all dated 29/04/14, this instrument is 100 years old and is in superb condition.£230
Shedplate 55H – Leeds Neville Hill, ex North Eastern Depot, 1960-1973, previous code 50B 1950-1960, allocation in 1960 including class 40 EE diesels. Face restored.£55
Handlamp, Cheshire Lines Committee, 4 aspect hand lamp MS & LR twin sliding knob type, original throughout, knobs with auctioneer for safe keeping, brass plated “HALE No 30 P59” marked with company initials and number “Kerosene” plate on reducing cone and interior marked with company initials, good ex service condition. Complete with vessel & burner, all glasses.£720
Bucket & hanging bracket both embossed “L.N.E.R” restored and ready for hanging on your wall.£95
Serving dish – silver-plate "LMS Hotels" by Elkington, 9" dia. Very good condition.£20
Nameplate – “The Bradshaw” ex 0-4-0 diesel mechanical shunter built by Ruston & Hornsby, works no 299101. 1950 new to Linacre Gas Works at Bootle, Liverpool then sold to Audenshaw Diesel Engines Ltd in Feb 1974. 34” x 6”. Very good condition, ex loco back.£100
Smokebox 48161 ex LMS 8F built Crewe 1943 to a Stanier Design, to traffic 1943, withdrawn 09/1967 scrapped Cashmores 1968, allocated in 1948-1952 Royston 20C then 1952-1967 Heaton Mersey 9F.£400
Totem – “Batley” N.E. flangeless 8 face drilled holes, Good shine, edge nibbles, opened in 1848 by the Bradford, Wakefield & Leeds Railway absorbed by the G.N.R. in 1865.£Sold
Signalbox oil lamp with reflector and glass funnel, embossed brass plated “N.E.R” also stamped – very good condition.£65
Shedplate 41A Sheffield Darnall (Early Type Plate) ex G.C. Railway Depot, this depot had an allocation of 100 locos in its day including 10 x D11 Directors Jutland & Co, ex loco condition.£90
G.E.R. 8” non fusee clock, heavily branded GER on the back of the back box and surround, brass bezel. In ex signal box condition. Face written but very faint. BR(E) No. 3696. Complete with key and fully working.£270
Handlamp - South Eastern & Chatham Railway, S.R style brass plated S.R 64046, 4 aspect fogging lamp, all glasses complete with vessel burner & reflector, oblong lense, very good condition, ex railway.
Platform lamp case, L.M.S. No vessel or reflector, good sound condition.£50
Shedplate 60A Inverness ex Highland Railway Depot, allocation in 1948 totalled 66 locos mostly Black Five and Caledonian classes with one Jinty – ex loco condition.£120
Collection of four Midland Railway Lever Plates.£65
Worksplate – ex narrow guage loco. A.M.W. No.231 in brass, as carried by Fowler 150hp standard gauge 0 4 0 diesel loco, built 1941, worked at Air Ministry, Carlisle. 5” x 4”. Excellent condition.£50
Totem Nuneaton (M.R) F.F. not in the best of conditions but would restore nicely. A station on the west coast mainline opened in 1847 by London North Western Railway, This station is still open today.£300
Shedplate 50B – Neville Hill, Leeds 1948-1960, became 55H. Face restored.£75
Carriage board, small size, double sided, Chester/Wrexham in maroon with straw lettering, good condition.No Sale
Carriage print – “Richmond, Yorkshire” by Squirrel – in excellent condition, framed & glazed.£Sold
Carriage-print, “The Conway River and Castle” North Wales, “Go By Train to Conway” by Lander, from the L.M.R Series. In excellent condition in an original type frame.£100
A Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway leaflet display box, branded on the back & underneath “L&Y Rly” painted logo “L&Y” on the front.11 1/2” x 11” x 5 1/2” deep, wooden construction, good used condition.£110
Handlamp. L.M.S. 4 aspect lamp, Caledonian Section, oval brass plated “L.M.S. Pass Cleghorn No. 7. Made by Britas Lamp Works, London and brass plated accordingly on the reducing cone. Good ex service condition. Complete with vessel & burner, all glasses.£240
Worksplate – ‘North British Railway Company 25231 1943, as carried by the W.D.2-8-0 locomotive 90018, originally numbered 77363 in 1943, it was renumbered 90018 in 1948, Diamond, brass, lightly restored face, lightly cleaned back. A heavy freight loco, it was allocated to 31B then 36A and withdrawn in 1966. Very good example.£230
Coat of Arms L.N.E.R. 12” x 10” mounted on teak board – very good condition.£45
Inkwell – stamped MS&L Railway Co. in salt glaze - very good condition. £80
Shedplate 62A Thornton Junction 1948-1967 ex N.B. depot. Around 100 locos allocated at its Zenith, famous for its ageing but beautiful 4-4-0-s D11/D29/D49/D30s later a few K4 moguls arrived. (Restored)£420
Carriage-print - Eilean Donan Castle by Steel, Scottish Region Series, in need of a clean, some damp patches to frieze, framed and glazed.No Sale
Signal post, maker’s plate – McKenzie & Holland engineers – very good condition. Restored face.No Sale
Totem – “Burnage” (M) F.F. excellent shine, restored, opened in 1910 by the LNWR, located in the Manchester suburbs on the Styal Line, Manchester Piccadilly to Crewe.£350
Nameplate – ‘Dunkirk’ – carried by a Manchester ship canal standard gauge tank loco no.57, built by Hudswell Clarke, works no.1041 in 1913. This loco spent all its working life on the M.S.C system and was scrapped there in May 1966. Brass construction, lightly polished face, ex loco back. Measures 28 1/2” x 6 1/2”. Very good condition.£500
Loco cabside numberplate in brass, No.57 carried by the preceding lot, loco Dunkirk from the M.S.C system, serif style numerals, lightly polished face, ex loco back, measures 15 3/4” x 9 1/4”. Very good condition.£220
Worksplate, ex narrow gauge, loco built by Jung Jungenthal works no.7509 in 1937 Aluminium Construction, a German company started 1885, Jung made over 12000 locos during its locomotive building period 8” x 6”.No Sale
Handlamp, general purpose lamp, Midland Railway, complete with original vessel, brass plated Midland Railway Co. Very good condition.£30
Shedplate – 55A Leeds Holbeck 1957-1973 formally 20A. This shed had a vast allocation of express locos including Jubilees, Scots & A3 pacifics, including Sunstar. Restored.£75
Third Reich Eagle as above but smaller and without cut out swastika 22” x 13” used on the carriages.£750
Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway copper station lamp with vessel & chimney, stamped “MS&L”£140
Bridgeplate cast iron, North London Railway No,138 ex bridge condition, layers of paint & crud, lovely 21” x 9” extended oval.£50
Signalbox board ‘Waterloo’ replacement for former L&Y Railway example on the line from Livepool to Southport, white letters painted on blue background, the frame though appears to have been red at one time. 47 1/4” x 9 5/8”.£75
Advertising enamel sign – “Halifax Bld Societies” 36” x 24” – good condition.£85
Advertising enamel sign – “Cadbury’s Cocoa” – 48” x 12” very good condition.£150
Advertising enamel sign – “Fire Danger” 22” x 15” very good condition£65
Advertising enamel sign – “Storm Proof Windows” 20 x 13” very good condition.£90
Advertising enamel sign – “I.C.I Fertilisers” 24” x 17” very good condition.£75
Advertising enamel sign – “Lennards Boots” 20” x 13 1/2” – good condition, corner loss.£80
Advertising enamel sign – “Colmans Mustard” – 22” x 13 1/2” good for age£140
Advertising enamel sign – “Nose Gay Tobacco” 30” x 20” very good condition.£100
Macclesfield Water Board 21” x 15” “Fire” Warning Sign – very good condition.£95
Enamel sign- “Labour Exchange” 18” x 12” mounted on display board – very good condition.£100
Enamel sign – “Post Office Telephone” 20” x 15” double sided sign, very good condition.£155
Worksplate, brass engraved ex 48555, built Darlington 1945, the words on loan have been ground off as was the policy of B.R in 1948, allocated to 5B, 9G, 8E, 6C, 5D withdrawn 01/66 from Stoke shed, cut up by Cashmores 04/66, in totally ex loco condition.£520
Totem – “Shenstone” (M) F.F. dull, needs a clean, would restore well, Closed to goods 1964, still open today for passenger traffic. A very busy station.£280
Shedplate 55F – Bradford Manningham, 1957-1967 ex Midland depot, this code transferred to Bradford, Hammerton Street in 1967-1973, ex Great Northern Depot. Restored Face.No Sale
Handlamp., Coras Iompair Eireann Handlamp. C.I.E 3 apsect handlamp, plated Lismore No. 7”, good restored condition. Complete with vessel & burner, all glasses.£220
Totem – “Levenshulme” (M) FF. Good shine, edge chip repairs, good overall order, originally Levenshulme North Station later plain Levenshulme. The station entrance is on a street that has no official name and has never had one in its long existence of 160 years. It has become a tourist attraction, being the only street in the UK without an official name. Levenshulme is situated on the L.N.W.R main line from Manchester London Road to London.£400
Nameplate – ‘Sir Henry Johnson’, class 86, electric loco E3117 later 86227 named 1981 till 2002. Built Doncaster 1965, allocated to 5H Crewe Electric, withdrawn Oct 2004, broken up July 2005 Ron Hull, Rotherham, totally ex loco condition. Measures 55” x 10”.No Sale
N.E Rly block bell & tapper – bell is chromed cow bell style, good ex signal box condition, scarce bell shape.£75
G.W.R. cast iron doorplate “ Ladies Room” measures 20” x 5” – very good condition. Ex Door.£40
Hull & Barnsley gate notice, cast iron, – “Shut & Fasten Gate” – very good condition, restored 23” x 3 1/2”.£40
Chair - An L&Y Railway waiting room chair, carved top rail with monogram of company, in very good condition, tight and ready for your study.£230
Original Oil on canvas painting by Barry Price 70023 Venus Near Fosse Box, lovely going away image, image measures 16” x 10”.No Sale
Worksplate L.M.S. Built 1935 Derby, ex Jubilee 45664 Nelson, allocated to 13A Trafford Park in 1948, later 8B Warrington Dallam, withdrawn 31/5/1965, cut up Drapers of Hull in 1965, brass plate in ex loco condition.£220
Handlamp L.N.E.R 3 aspect, saucer top, brass plated “Liversedge” B.R.(E) devoid of paint, complete with vessel burner and reflector. All glasses present.No Sale
9” x 5” Tender plate ex B1 class, 4172 of 1947 build, London North Eastern Railway in full script, heavy casting, probably Cowlairs – Restored Condition.£95
Shedplate 61B Aberdeen Ferryhill, ex North British Depot, allocations in 1948, totalled 42 locos famous for its stud of A4 pacifics & A2’s in the 60’s 60004-5-6-7-9-10-11-12-16-19-23-24-34, 60525 – 28-32, also V4 61700 Bantam Cock – ex loco condition.£190
L.N.W.R gate notice 18” x 18” cast iron, eleven lines of text, including heading etc, face restored – back ex post.£65
A Model EM1 electric locomotive No. 26020 in 3 1/2” gauge, this was officially commissioned by B.R. to promote the Manchester, Sheffield – Wath, electrification scheme, built by Bonds O’Euston Road, in conjunction with Edward Exley Ltd. In fine condition having been refurbished, also a solid replacement display case accompanies this model. This model was displayed in the Marylebone Board Room.£2100
Handlamp – general purpose, brass plated LMSR Co. on the chimney – very good condition.No Sale
Loco registration plate, cast iron. No 901 Railway Executive 1953 carried by an industrial loco that had been passed safe to run over BR metals. No record of actual loco.£25
Office chair, Bourne & Lynn Joint Railway branded on underside of seat rail, very rare. In need of some restoration, would be very worth the effort. Bourne & Lynn railway was absorbed into the Midland & Great Northern Railway in 1883.No Sale
Large boiler water gauge with glass protector and all fittings, brass construction very good condition, probably off a Lancashire Boiler or similar. 21” x 4” mounted on display panel, could be marine.£75
Presentation long case clock, measures 5’ high x 11 1/2” this clock was presented to Mr A.R Roberts, by staff and friends upon retirement, after 46 years service at Warrington Central Station, May 13, 1933, needs repair and TLC (worth it)£70
L.N.E.R. Coronation Express, round waiters tray. A special item, 14” diameter ‘High Speed’ Logo to centre. Used condition.£Sold
Totem Littlehampton S.R. FF edge chipping, fair shine, originally opened 1863 on the Brighton to Portsmouth Line by London Brighton & South Coast Railway.£275
Shedplate 67C Ayr, ex Caledonian Railway, allocation in 1948 was 59 loco’s, including 10 Midland 2p’s of 1891-1901 circa, 6 x LMS compounds, 7 x Crabs and 39 Caledonian types, plus the first of the class standard 2-6-4 T 80000+80030 (Ex loco)£100
Bridge Plate L.N.W.R. No. 64, oval, cast iron, restored face.£110
Handlamp – GWR 3 aspect, ex Newton Abbot, completely original with manufacturers plate. “The Reform Lighting Co. London Patent” “GWR” stamped in the drum, also a brass plate on the reducing cone “Petroleum light 10 minutes before using”. Complete with all glasses and copper vessel without a steel protector. Superb lamp, very good condition.£400
Enamel sign – British Transport Commission – Lift Regulations by T.C.B. Miller, chief mechanical & electrical engineer – Doncaster. Good condition. 12” x 8”.£40
Silver-plated sauce boat by Mappin & Webb 8” x 4 1/2” very good used condition, no dints or knocks, just usage wear, “ L.M.S Cars” in lozenge on right hand side.£35
Enamel sign – BR(M) FF, maroon with white lettering – “For Trains to Rhyl, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Crewe, London. 24” x 12” very good condition.£310
Handlamp – general purpose handlamp – London Transport, comes with original vessel & burner. Very good condition.No Sale
Glass Inkwell, embossed GWR very good condition.No Sale
Worksplate – LMS, Derby, built 1902 mostly 4-4-0 built at this time, very good condition.£90
Single line token, fibre – Moorhouse Wrangbrook junction No. 94, very good condition.£70
Carriage board – “North Walsham” white letters on black ground, these fitted over the doors of the carriages. Good condition.£38
Enamel sign – “Southern Railway – propping up doors” in good condition. 18” x 12”£25

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