About us

Great Northern Railwayana Auctions has been created by David Robinson, a well known Railwayana collector in the North West. Our aim is to provide a top class Railwayana auction to the North of the country, hence the name. We have a first class team working for us at GNRA. First and foremost we have the best Railwayana auctioneer in the business on our rostrum, Mr Ian Wright, Ian was the creator of Sheffield Railwayana auctions in the 80’s and has been an active Railwayana auctioneer for over 25 years. We also have a team of specialists in place to assess all items entered and also for expert advice as to the estimate value of such items. You can be confident, whether vendor or buyer that all items have been thoroughly researched & scrutinised. We came up with the idea of GNRA as it became clear to us that all the main stream Railwayana auctions were drifting South, not a lot for the collector North of Birmingham.

David Robinson has been interested in railways since he was a little lad, living in Knutsford, Cheshire, he visited his grandparents at St Lukes, Southport and at Hoscar, both situated near to the Southport Manchester line, with holidays in Rhyl, North Wales, a love of trains and collecting their numbers ensued. A confirmed train spotter until the age of 17, when other things got in the way! But railways and locomotives were always simmering in his sub-conscious. As time passed the urge to collect artefacts that awoke memories of his youth, came steaming back, so off he went again, train spotting in a different way. Although born on the West side of the country, David’s passion is the E.C.M.L and his beloved A3 Pacific’s, having visited Doncaster in 1958 with a pal and becoming smitten with these beautiful Pacific’s and all things L.N.E.R and G.N.R.

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Regards, David Robinson